Actual Customer Testimonials

Susan G. - 1/21/12
WOW!! I called Palm Beach Hydro Clean to come to my residence to maintain my "clean" floors. Well at least that's what i thought. The results were amazing!! I used a former floor cleaner last year and the results were good, but could not compare to the work that was done by Chris from Palm Beach Hydro Clean. I didn't know that I had white grout!! Great job. 

Mary M. - 1/30/12
Palm Beach Hydro Clean did a great job, they were professional and careful to put everything back where it was.

Jenny K. - 2/9/12
Great price, great job, and a very nice gentleman!.... He even threw in a extra area to clean at no cost. 

Debbie and Mark - 2/10/12
We have been cleaning our own grout ourself for years. We always thought that it was too expensive. After Chris came to our house and gave us a free demo, we were very happy with the results and the price so we had him do the entire house. I'm throwing my grout brush away! We are happy to be a customer of Palm Beach Hydro Clean! 

Bruce - 1/7/12
Love the new REAL color of my grout. Great job Palm Beach Hydro Clean!

Wiliam B. - 2/20/12
Very professional, very knowledgeable, very fast! Thanks Palm Beach Hydro Clean!

Laura H. - 8/13/12
I was AMAZED at the work done in the lobby. Especially the wood area which I did not think you would be able to do. What a phenomenal job!! FANTASTIC!!